We’re celebrating a decade of business in Scottsdale and wanted to give something back to the community to mark this momentous milestone! That’s why we developed the LifeScape Premier “Ten Week Health and Wellness Community Challenge”.  This 10 week challenge is based on our “Vitality Prescription” with ten simple tenants that anyone can follow for improved well-being and transformative healthcare.

This page serves as an archive of each week’s challenges, so no matter when you learn about it, you can refer back to this page for each week’s content. Starting a new job?  New lease on life?  Just joined LifeScape? New Year’s resolution?   No matter what the reason — invite your friends, colleagues and family to join you in the challenge at any time, stage or phase in your life!

A brief overview of each week’s challenge is listed below with a link back to our blog for the full week’s info.  Or follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in healthcare, words of wisdom about your wellness and the latest and greatest special offers,exclusively for our Facebook fans!


health and wellness

  1. Create NO PHONE ZONES for meals, family or friend activities, and to wind-down before bedtime; create a funny punishment for violators such as the person who peeked at their phone has to wear a funny hat, sing a silly song, do the dinner dishes.
  2. Pick your most stressful cluttered zone and spend just   minutes per day this week organizing, de-cluttering, and prioritizing.
  3. Challenge family, friends or co-workers to find at least one time-stealer activity to eliminate or reduce and see who managed to rescue the most time per week.


Indulge in Sleep

  1. Unplug from electronic media or TV at least minutes before sleep and monitor the quality of your sleep
  2. Set a regular bedtime and wake time and get some natural sunlight in the morning
  3. Mind-dump all your worries and problems in a list for the next day and put them away in a drawer to free your mind for healthy sleep



play and laugh daily for your health

  1.  Brainstorm at least 5-10 fun, playful activities you could do –write them on slips of paper and put them in a bowl and pick one and act on it at least 3 times per week
  2. LOL: send us your favorite laugh-out-loud apps/books/movies/videos/tv shows and make sure you dose yourself regularly with exposure to these
  3. Laugh at yourself: the secret to healthy self-esteem is learning to laugh at yourself. Find something you constantly berate yourself over and look for the humorous side, embrace your imperfection and humanity


Scottsdale family practice1. Evaluate your inputs: Take note of what you regularly read, watch, and listen to and rate them according to positive influence. Which are worth keeping and which need to go?

2. Send us your most inspirational book, movie, website, YouTube video or a person who inspires you — and tell us how it or they moved you.

3. Introspect yourself or ask friends/family for feedback on your influence. Do you tend to be uplifting, motivating, inspiring or mired in negativity? Use a rubber band on your wrist to flick each time you catch yourself sinking into negativity habits (whining, ranting, complaining, blaming, or putting someone or something down).


transformative care Scottsdale1. Assess how healthcare fits into your priorities – where does healthcare rank on your list of major budget items? Has your health improved as a result of your current healthcare strategy?

2. If you don’t have a stable source of primary care, get one NOW!

3. Rate your current primary care. Does it motivate you to better health, help you reduce reliance on medications and resolve or prevent chronic disease? Does your doctor respect you enough to challenge your unhealthy behaviors and inspire you to action? Send us your stories about good and bad care.


gratefulness and kindness improve your health

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal.  Begin and end every day by noting at least one thing you are grateful for or one thing that touched your heart. Challenge loved ones and colleagues to do the same.
  2. Think of someone with whom you are angry or disappointed, or simply dislike.  Write down all the positive things you can think of about that person and let them know what you appreciate or admire about them. Positive focus often begets positive behavior.
  3. Every day this week, write a brief note of thanks to someone who you appreciate or perform a random act of kindness. Pay close attention to how that made you feel.


Scottsdale Family Practice

  1. Make a pact to spend ten minutes outdoors every day, ideally in the morning. A little natural sunlight every morning helps set healthy diurnal hormone rhythms in action and boosts vitamin D which has a role in over 2000 important processes in the body including supporting thyroid function, healthy brain chemistry, metabolism, and detoxification.
  2. Air pollution is often worse inside out homes than out due to off-gassing from furnishings, paints, and flooring and all the toxic chemicals we use. Do NOT use candles, sprays, or other indoor pollutants in an attempt to freshen your home. Instead, really clean the air in your home by strategically placing some natural air fresheners – as in HOUSEPLANTS.
  3.  Brainstorm with friends, family, or colleagues several outdoor activities – from playing Frisbee to exploring a nature preserve. Put all your ideas in a jar and schedule at least one outdoor activity per week.


Scottsdale diet and nutrition

  1. Are you stuck in a mindless eating rut? First step is follow my friend Michelle May’s advice to ask yourself “Am I Hungry” to bring your eating habits to conscious level.
  2. Families who engage in a meal together on a regular basis tend to be healthier mentally and physically. Even with crazy hectic schedules, make a habit of scheduling regular family meals that are electronics-FREE and not disrupted to allow actual conversation – what a concept! I watched a Mom and daughter having breakfast together at a restaurant both spend the ENTIRE MEAL on their respective cell phones. Why bother to go out?! To stimulate conversation with monosyllabic teens, challenge everyone to find something really funny to share or bring out old baby books filled with funny things they did or said when they were little.
  3. Guilt has no place around food but we need to learn to love food that loves us back. When you decide to indulge in something deliciously sinful, INDULGE mindfully getting the FULL pleasure out of EVERY BITE. We often stop tasting things after 3 bites. Pay attention to how you feel and if you eat slowly and mindfully, maybe you don’t feel compelled to scarf down the whole container.


  1. healthy breathingIncorporate three deep cleansing breaths (in for a count of 5, hold for 5, then out for 5) every time you are on hold, waiting in line,
  2. Find a meditation or yoga class locally or free meditation series online to learn optimal breathing.
  3.  waiting for something to download on your phone, during a commercial or at every traffic light. Make a habit of using these breathing breaks several times a day.
  4. If you have high blood pressure or anxiety, check out the Resperate device breathing biofeedback trainer that is FDA approved for blood pressure control.


Scottsdale family practice

  1. Engage in intense appreciation for your body and all the things it does well on a day to day basis. Imagine what life would be like if you lost use of your hands, went blind, had constant pain, or couldn’t swallow. Marvel at your body’s capacity to recover from injury and insult.
  2. Treat yourself as though you are that priceless vehicle – fueling only with the best fuel, protecting yourself from the elements and hazards, following recommended maintenance schedules, recharging your batteries with healthy sleep and breathing, and engaging in transformative healthcare with  a physician who works collaboratively with you to inspire better health as every age.
  3. As poet Mary Oliver said, “So…what are you doing with this one wild and precious life of yours?”  Treasure it!